Monday, January 31, 2011

Proof & Truth

When I am older I don't want to be like you

When I am older I don't want to let it be like that

Some of us just don't want to fear them like you

Some of us just can't watch them let it be like that

Show me some proof

Give me some truth

Let them show us some proof

Cant they accept some truth?

We've been heading down this road a while

We've been taking it here for a while

Nothing we ever say will tame a child

Nothing we ever do will tame the wild

Come on darling, show us some proof

fools on that hill, give us some truth

Why can't you give us some proof?

Can't you accept facts as truth?

Is knowledge some kind of game to you?

Do you believe everything you read?

Is government some kind of fame to you?

Do you believe all propaganda they feed?

Enough guessing, wheres the proof?

Enlighten us with some absolute truth

They know they have the proof

Now shut up and give me the truth

Your ignorance is not getting this argument anywhere

You want to change the world, but fight over nothing

You say you know love, but hate everyone everywhere

You want a revolution, but aren't willing to do something

We can work it out with some real proof

Witnesses are dead, we'll never get the truth

Were you there, do you have our proof?

We know more now, can you accept the truth?

Welcome Peace and Love Together

Welcome to a brand new day

Welcome a fresh face and a clean slate

Welcome tomorrows peace today

Brainwash your mind with love

Brainwash your mind with peace

Forget your hate

Understand there is no need to debate

Come together over love

Come together for peace

Together we will love peace

Remember the fallen heroes

Remember the forgotten lovers

Return peace to the land

Restore peace to man

We are who we make ourselves

So with everyone you meet:

Make peace

Make love

Embrace your sisters and brothers

Embrace your fathers and mothers

Embrace a new found lover

Embrace your new found discovery

Uncover the truth of peace

Uncover love and find release

Greet your enemies as if they were friends

Welcome peace and love into your heart

Welcome peace and love to the world

Greet the new era of peace and love

Your welcome for me loving you so

Your welcome for me keeping peace alive

Now you give it a try

Give peace a try

Because if you don't

who will?

Understand I will

Understand we all can

Understand you can make a difference

Realize we will make a difference

Peace and love is the real difference

Peace Mongering

They own you

They own me

With the war they wage

They always win

In the end

All that's left to say is...

Peace monger everyday

Definitely no other way

Say Uncle Sam, aint it so?

Pull outta the fray

There's no better day

Nothing left to say but...

Peace monger everyday

Uncle Sam wont win this day

To help save a future today

Live your lives

But open your eyes

Fuck your wives

Peace monger to save lives

It could be your son

Or somebody's mum

Ooo darling, what's wrong?

Too much peace mongering for one night?

Just sit down baby, no stress, no fright.

Peace monger to entertain love

All that should remain

Only peace and love to gain

All there should ever be

Time to come together

Come together for better

Come together forever

Peace is here and war is over

Peace is here. If you want it.

Taking the Blog in a different direction

Since I have decided I don't necessarily give a damn about covering hockey on a blog, that I would rather enjoy other peoples work, I have decided to make this more of a forum for my writings.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long Lapse...

Well I am back for my second blog has been a week or so since my last post and nothing good has come in the Ranger world. The Capitals have evened the series (As many Ranger fans predicted they would) and are now looking to finish the Rangers off in Game 7 tonight in Washington D.C.

Hopefully, if there is a god, Artem Anisimov will start tonight in replace of Aaron Voros, but who knows? I wont count the Rangers out of this series yet, because they did win the first two in Washington, so anything is possible, right? The Rangers just need to keep their composure and make sure they stay out of the Penalty Box. And with that I will give you my five keys to tonights games.

Five Keys to CAPS Vs. Rangers
1. Rangers need to score first
2. Stay out of the box Avery! AND everyone else on the club
3. Get more than 30 shots on Varlamov!
4. Score at least ONE Powerplay goal

Well I am off for pregame dinner and then pregame! Check back later

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Test for Rangers Tonight (First blog post edition)

So, as some of you may or may not know, I am a huge NY Ranger hockey fan. Tonight they've got an all too important game versus the Washington Captials. The Rangers really need to come out with some fire and energy tonight. If the mighty Tortorella got the Rags ready for this game like I hope he did, then the Rangers might have a chance tonight. However, if they come out dispassionate like they did Monday night then everyone in Ranger land is in for a long night! Alas! Let us hope for the best! Torts hasn't failed us yet. He did successfully complete the first mission: Mission #1, Make the Playoffs. Now if he can only get these guys going for a huge playoff push it would be great!

Now being a Ranger and a NY Giant fan as I am, I was rewarded with a gift last year when Eli Manning led us to a Super Bowl victory. Yet, who is to say we have used up all that magical juice that was flowing at the end of that game? Shit, there has got to be some kind of mystical well that this stuff flows from, right? Whatever the case, the Rangers need to conjure up some more that playoff magic so they can successfully complete Torts second mission: Mission #2, Win first Playoff series.

I know, I know...maybe I aim too high for these once low flying Rangers. Who knows though? I'll believe anything after the Giant's pulled out a miracle Super Bowl victory. Simply put, do you believe in miracles? I do!

Lets go Rangers.
I can't hear you!

Stay tuned folks! More to come later tonight after the game.